Tomica 4-In-1 Stamp 4合1原子印



產品詳情 產品名稱: Tomica 4合1原子印 型號.: TM-4974-2 尺寸: 2.8W x 5.5H x 2.8D cm 物料: ABS, 橡膠, 墨 一個印章可以印出4個不同表情的卡通公仔, 每款圖案都十分可愛,有些還印有讚美字句, 小朋友收到一定滿心歡喜♪ 安全警告: - 窒息危險。細小配件,不宜3歲以下小童。 - 只供印在紙品上,勿讓印章接觸眼睛、口及皮膚。 如不慎進入,請立即以清水清洗並立即求醫。 - 請在成人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: Tomica 4-In-1 Stamp Model No.: TM-4974-2 Size: 2.8W x 5.5H x 2.8D cm Material: ABS, Rubber, Ink There are 4 cartoon designs each stamp ♪ Different kinds of face expressions are lovely and cute. Let's share the happiness with your children with this stamp! Safety Warning: - Choking Hazard. Small parts not for children under 3 years. - Stamp used on paper, avoid contact with eyes, skin and mouth. If it does, please rinse out immediately and consult the doctor. - Please use under supervision of adult.