My Melody A5 PP Slip-In File with Pocket 多用途 A5 文件夾



產品詳情 名稱: My Melody 多用途 A5 文件夾 型號: 9-7176-3 尺寸 • 闊度: 16cm • 高度: 23cm 物料: PP 產品介紹: 日常生活中是否有很多零零散散的小紙張,不知道怎樣收納好? 現推出多用途A5文件夾,讓你的小紙張有個歸宿之處 ♪ 除了可以日常擺放A5 紙張或記事簿, 特別之處是封面有一個小口袋, 可以放一些較重要的紙條, 趣味的間格設計滿足你的不同需要! 安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: My Melody A5 PP Slip-In File with Pocket Model No.: 9-7176-3 Size • Width: 16cm • Height: 23cm Material: PP Product Description: A5 PP file helps to tidy your small size papers neat. The file designed with a small pocket on front side ♪ You can put some important memos inside! This amazing design is suitable for different uses~ Light and portable, it is recommended for daily use! Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult

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