My Melody 3D Breathable Face Mask (Antibacterial) 立體涼感布口罩 (抗菌)




產品詳情 產品名稱: My Melody 立體涼感布口罩 (抗菌) 型號: 7488 (L), 7489 (M), 7490 (S) 物料: 100% Polyester 全滌抗菌布料 (表面); 涼感布 (內裡) 尺寸資料:  S: 12H x 18W cm (小童) M: 13H x 20W cm (中童/ 成人小顏) L: 14H x 22W cm (成人) 產品特點: • 布口罩外層採用抗菌布料,布料已通過美國AATCC 100抗菌測試,抗菌率達99.9%,清洗50次後依然保持99.9%抗菌 • 內裡選用了涼感布料,更透氣舒適 • 可加入濾片,增強對病毒的阻隔,提升防護力 • 採用超柔軟布料以及掛耳橡筋,配合用家的臉型,耳掛可自由調節長度,使佩戴時更貼服舒適 • 鼻樑位設有鐵線,使口罩更貼面 • 附有PVC拉鍊袋,方便大家收納口罩,保持衛生 注意事項: • 本口罩不是外科口罩,不建議單獨使用 • 本產品不包括濾片,請用家自行購買 • 請勿過度用力按壓鼻樑片,以免造成損毀或變形 建議清洗方法: 建議使用肥皂或洗衣液等中性清潔劑輕柔手洗,再用清水徹底沖洗乾淨,以適當力道擰乾多餘水分,懸掛晾乾。  請勿長時間浸泡於水中或使用漂白劑、高濃度消毒液、熱水清洗,此舉會嚴重損害布料結構及降低效能。 Product Detail Product Name: My Melody 3D Breathable Face Mask (Antibacterial) Model no.: 7488 (L), 7489 (M), 7490 (S) Material: 100% Polyester, cooling fabric (lining) Size: S: 12H x 18W cm (Kids) M: 13H x 20W cm (Kids Large / Adult Medium) L: 14H x 22W cm (Adult Large) Features: • The outer layer of this product is 99.9% antibacterial fabric. It has passed the U.S. Antibacterial Test AATCC 100, still 99.9% antibacterial after 50 wash cycles • Inside filter pocket: can used with filter • The use of high quality ultra-soft fabrics and adjustable ear loop make it more comfortable to wear •Squeeze the metal strips of the bridge of the nose •Sold with PVC zipper pocket for mask storage Cautions: • This mask is not a surgical mask and is not recommended to use alone • Filter sold separately • Do not press the nose bridge excessively to avoid damage or deformation Recommended Cleaning Method: Recommended to use mild detergent such as soap or laundry detergent. Wash gently by hand, then rinse throughly with clean water, wring excess water and hang to dry. Do not immerse in water for a long time or use bleach, high-concentration disinfectant, hot water to clean, it will damage the fabric structures and reduce performance.

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