Minna No Tabo CNY Door Curtain 門簾



產品詳情 產品名稱: Minna No Tabo 門簾 型號: 9-7866-2 尺寸 • 闊度: 85cm • 長度: 90cm 物料: 仿麻布 選用精美門簾裝飾家居 ♪ 美化家居外,也可以用作分隔不同空間。 家居必備好物! 安全警告:請在成人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: Minna No Tabo CNY Door Curtain Model No.: 9-7866-2 Size: • Width: 85cm • Length: 90cm Material: Linen Type Cloth Let's decorate your home with this door curtain ♪ It can also separate different areas by using door curtain. Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.

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