Little Twin Stars Multi-Function Foldable Ruler 多用途折疊尺



產品詳情 產品名稱: Little Twin Stars 多用途折疊尺 型號: 9-4097-70 尺寸: • 闊度: 4cm • 長度: 16.5cm 物料: 塑膠 超可愛的多用途折疊尺讓校園或辦公室日常增添趣味~ 附有折疊功能,展開後長達30cm,方便繪畫長直線。 伸展開的尺子以15度為單位,作量角或標記之用。 收起時長15cm,易於收藏。 注意事項: 圖片只供參考。圖示顏色可能與實物有別,應以實物為準。 安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: Little Twin Stars Multi-Function Foldable Ruler Model No.: 9-4097-70 Size: • Width: 4cm • Length: 16.5cm Material: Plastic Having school or work life with this super cute foldable ruler! Easily pack into your pencil case due to its folding feature. Fully opened from 15cm to 30cm for use to draw long straight line. Unfold to measure or draw angles in units of 15°. Cautions: The product image is for reference only. Any color variance depends on the real product. Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.