Little Twin Stars LED Wood Shade Lamp 座枱燈



名稱: Little Twin Stars LED 座枱燈 型號: 9-8217-2 尺寸 • 直徑: 14cm • 高度: 26cm 物料: 木,PP,聚酯纖維 精美座枱燈,適合擺放於房間 ♪ 暖黃光令人舒服的環境,同時可當作小夜燈使用 ! 附有1米USB接口電源線,有開/ 關按鈕可以控制。 注意事項: 圖片只供參考。圖示顏色可能與實物有別,應以實物為準。 安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。 Product Name: Little Twin Stars LED Wood Shade Lamp Model No.: 9-8217-2 • Diameter: 14cm • Height: 26cm Material: Wood, PP, Polyester Fabric Designed with nice character, suitable for bedroom or living room ♪ Warm yellow light makes a comfortable environment ~ The lamp also can use as a night light ! Attached with one meter USB cable with on/off switch. Cautions: The product image is for reference only. Any color variance depends on the real product. Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.