Disposable Mask Cleaning Pad 拋棄式口罩保潔墊 (30片裝)



產品詳情 產品名稱: 拋棄式口罩保潔墊 (30片裝) 型號: 6-DR999 尺寸: 18W x 11H cm 物料: 親膚水針布 100%台灣製造,親膚物料透氣舒適, 本產品通過SGS檢驗,無重金屬等有害物質。 依口罩樣式,可自由裁剪適合尺寸配搭口罩使用。 • 一次性拋棄式,乾淨衛生 • 長口罩使用壽命 • 阻隔唾液飛沫噴濺 • 保持口罩內部衛生 • 無化學添加 • 無加瑩光劑 • 本產品不含口罩 Product Detail Product Name: Disposable Mask Cleaning Pad (30PCS/Pad) Model no.: 6-DR999 Material: Spunlace Nonwoven 100% Made in Taiwan. It has passed the SGS certification, no toxic heavy metal. Freely to cut this product to fit different mask size. It can be used with fabric mask and surgical mask. • Disposable • To extend the use time of the mask • To prevent the infiltration of droplets and moisture • To ensure hygiene of the mask inner layer • Non-additive • non-fluorescent agent • Mask sold separately