Cinnamoroll Mt. Fuji Glass Mug with Snowy Lid 富士雪山玻璃杯連杯蓋



產品詳情 產品名稱: Cinnamoroll 富士雪山玻璃杯連杯蓋 型號: 9-8237-3 尺寸 • 闊度: 9.6cm • 長度: 7cm • 高度: 8.5cm 物料: 高硼硅玻璃, 矽膠 玻璃杯貼心為你補充水分~ 伴隨可愛的卡通人物,為生活增添趣味 ♪ 耐熱溫度: 150°C,耐冷溫度: -20°C 安全警告: 不適合三歲以下兒童使用。 此為易碎產品,請在成年人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: Cinnamoroll Mt. Fuji Glass Mug with Snowy Lid Model No.: 9-8237-3 Size • Width: 9.6 cm • Length: 7 cm • Height: 8.5 cm Material: Barosilicate Glass, Silicone Enjoy your drinks with this cute Sanrio glass mug ~ Attractive Sanrio characters design delighting your life ♪ Max. Temp: 150°C and Min. Temp: -20°C Perfect for daily use, and a great gift for your family or friends! Safety Warning: Not recommended for children under 3. This is a fragile product. Please use under supervision of adult.