Cinnamoroll PVC Door Mat 地墊



產品詳情 產品名稱: Cinnamoroll PVC 地墊 型號: 9-7623-6 尺寸 • 闊度: 57cm • 長度: 43cm • 厚度: 1cm 物料: PVC 新款Sanrio PVC 地墊 ♪ 底部經特別處理,具防滑功能~ 擺放於門外、廚房或浴室,也可安心使用 ! 安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: Cinnamoroll PVC Door Mat Model No.: 9-7623-6 Size • Width: 57cm • Length: 43cm • Thickness: 1cm Material: PVC New arrival Sanrio characters PVC door mat ♪ Perfect for placement at door entry, kitchen or bathroom~ Back side of door mat has been coated for anti-slippery. It is safe for indoor or outdoor use ! Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.