Ahiru no Pekkle 450ml BPA Free Water Bottle 450ml 彩繪風膠水樽



產品名稱: Ahiru no Pekkle 450ml 彩繪風膠水樽 型號: 9-8227-4 尺寸 • 直徑: 6.5cm • 高度: 20cm 物料: 塑膠 (Ecozen材質, 不含塑化劑 - 雙酚A) 水樽可存放飲料溫度為 -15℃ ~ 90℃ 只適宜盛載常溫飲料~ 不含雙酚A及塑化劑,已符合美國糧食與藥物管理局(FDA)標準,可放心使用 ♪ 注意事項: 圖片只供參考。圖示顏色可能與實物有別,應以實物為準。 安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。 Product Detail Product Name: Ahiru no Pekkle 450ml BPA Free Water Bottle Model No.: 9-8227-4 Size • Diameter: 6.5cm • Height: 20cm Material: Plastic (Ecozen, BPA Free) Filling beverage temperature from -15℃ ~ 90℃ This container is recommended to fill in room temperature beverage ~ Also, product is BPA & BPS free, which complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirement ♪ Cautions: The product image is for reference only. Any color variance depends on the real product. Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult.

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