Ahiru No Pekkle Aroma Mini Pouch (Watermelon flavor) 香味迷你拉鏈袋 (西瓜味)



產品詳情 產品名稱: Ahiru No Pekkle 香味迷你拉鏈袋 (西瓜味) 型號.: 9-7574-2 尺寸: 7.5W x 7H x 6.7D cm 物料: 棉, 香珠 西瓜造型的Ahiru No Pekkle登陸Manis♪ 可以當作座檯擺設,裝飾家居/辦公室, 也可以當作拉鏈掛袋吊飾,擺放鎖匙/硬幣等小物, 產品內附西瓜味香珠包。 安全警告: 內含小型配件,不適合8歲以下兒童使用。 此產品非玩具,請在成人指導下使用。 此產品不可食用 Product Detail Product Name: Ahiru No Pekkle Aroma Mini Pouch (Watermelon flavor) Model No.: 9-7574-2 Size: 7.5W x 7H x 6.7D cm Material: Cotton, aroma bead Ahiru No Pekkle dress up as a cute watermelon♪ It can be used as a zipper hanging accessories, help to store your coins/ keys. Or you can just place it on your desk, to decorate your room/ office. This product comes with a watermelon flavor aroma bead. Safety Warning: Contain small parts which pose a hazard for children under the age of 8. This is not a toy. Please use under supervision of adult. This product is inedible.